Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Before and after photos

Ever wondered why WWE Queen Nikki Bella is so gorgeous? Well, it’s all because of her plastic surgery treatment. So in this article, we will discuss all the info about Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery. Nikki Bella, the senior of the Bella sisters is the two times WWE Queen Champ. Her wrestling career is interesting and she holds numerous records. She is the wrestler, a design, and an actress.

nikki bella plastic surgery


Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Collage was born upon November 21, 1983, in San Diego California, United States of America. She was born to Jon Garcia and Kathy Collage. Nikki Bella is the elder to her similar sister Brie Bella. She was born just 16 minutes earlier to her twin sibling Brie Bella. Both sis are raised on a farm in Scottsdale Arizona. Nikki Bella graduated from Chaparral High School in 2002. She then went back to San Diego California for her college education. Being a sports enthusiasts Nikki took Soccer as her passion and started playing it. Later on she bet Grossmont College. After a year she went to Los Angeles and worked as a waiter in Mondrian hotel.

Nikki Bella Body Measurements

Nikki Bella’s Height: 5′ 6 ″ (168 cm).

Nikki Bella’s Weight: 70Kgs.

Nikki Bella’s Bra size: 36.

Nikki Bella’s Cup: C.

Nikki Bella’s Waist: 27 inches.

Nikki Bella’s Hips: 38 inches.

Nikki Bella’s Horoscope sign: Scorpio.

Nikki Bella facelift.

Nikki Bella plastic surgery before and after photos

nikki bella plastic surgery

Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery

Apart from being beautiful Nikki Bella had among the most appealing careers in World Wrestling Home Entertainment (WWE). The Bella twins are among the most enjoyed tag team Queen fighters in WWE. Remaining in the business of WWE, it requires consistent adaptation to endure for a long term. Nikki Bella understood this very well. Nikki Bella is 34 years of ages and she stills has that clear glowing skin. The WWE love her for her beauty. So in order to keep her fans enjoying the, she may have chosen Botox and other skin enhancement treatments. A Botox is an injection that is injected under the skin on the face to offer the muscles active flow of blood. This makes the skin wrinkles complimentary. It is an incredibly popular practice in the Western world.

nikki bella plastic surgery

Nikki Bella Boob job.

Individuals are going bananas whenever they see the pictures of her online. We can clearly say the distinction in the size of her boobs. How is it even possible?

Nikki Bella facelift

And I have a very basic answer for you “Breast enhancement”. Growing up in her teenage, Nikki Bella was not blessed with those womanly huge and nice boobs. In fact, they were smaller than the size of a typical woman of her age. However thanks to the Breast Augmentation surgery she went through. A breast Augmentation surgery is a procedure to boost the size of the boobs from its normal size. There is no chance for getting breasts like this by natural approaches. There is no workout to make your boob bigger like what she has now. This is possible only with the help of surgery. And Nikki Bella is not the only one to go through Breast Augmentation in WWE. There are lots of other WWE queens that had Breast Augmentation surgery. Nikki Bella’s boobs now look full and round making her one of the most popular WWE Diva in the market. Maybe this is the reason that the thirteen times WWE World Champion John Cena fall in love with her and got engaged to her in the middle of the WWE ring. These 2 gorgeous couples are currently dating and preparing for marriage.

nikki bella plastic surgery

Nikki Bella Rhinoplasty.

Nikki Bella has a thin and long nose naturally. However that doesn’t suggest she had the best nose in history. There is no constraint that you ought to settle for what you have naturally. Plainly, in case of Nikki Bella, she chose the choice of nose bob. A nose surgery or Nose surgery is an approach to form the nose by surgical treatment. Sure it makes Nikki Bella look pretty.

nikki bella plastic surgery

Nikki Bella Lip Improvement.

Nikki Bella is likewise a participator of well-known Swimsuit contests. She knows how to look great under all cases. She is also a design. To make her appearance hot she even went for a Lip Enhancement surgical treatment. A lip improvement surgical treatment is a treatment to shape your lips in the wanted way. You can see in her pictures how good her lips look.

nikki bella plastic surgery

Nikki Bella Abdominoplasty.

A tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty is a surgery performed to make your stomach smaller. A slim wait is a long for every lady on the planet. Individuals go this surgery blindly without understanding any side effects of it. But gladly, Nikki Bella did not go for these synthetic medical treatments. Nikki Bella is a strong and in shape professional athlete. She has actually been playing sports given that he teenage and she knows how to keep her fit effectively. So this is a report for sure.

Nikki Bella is a WWE superstar, a strong professional athlete, and a crowd favorite. No doubt she chose implants on her breasts. Although her new look is unnatural, it is sexier than in the past.

That’s everything about Nikki Bella Plastic Surgery. If you are a big fan of her share this post.

nikki bella plastic surgery


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