The Truth behind the Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Rumours

Christina El Moussa is the host of HGTV’s popular renovation series Flip or Flop. Before this, she and her ex-husband Tarek ran a real-estate agency together in California. Christina has a talent for design and a wealth of experience in the real estate industry. Her natural beauty makes her a successful television presenter – but some of her fans are wondering just how natural her good looks are.

christina el moussa plastic surgery
Christina El Moussa plastic surgery

The Christina El Moussa plastic surgery rumours began flying around the web in 2017, around the same time her ex Tarek filed for divorce. Speculation surrounding her new look has entrenched her fans and casual spectators alike. What exactly has geared everyone up to speak about it so vocally?

Lip Surgery

christina el moussa plastic surgery
Christina El Moussa

One of Christina’s most attractive qualities, both as a real estate investor and popular television presenter, is her bright, friendly smile. She has a classical beauty queen smile, with well-shaped lips. However, some suspect that her lips have been enhanced to become even more appealing. Even looking at before and after pictures, the difference is easy to miss unless you take a close look.

As a woman with naturally beautiful lips, the lip surgery change isn’t so dramatic. The procedure has simply created a stronger definition of her lips, drawing even more attention to her glamourous smile. Her top lip has been noticeably filled to create a perfect balance with her bottom lip, giving her the ideal crescent moon shape. Of course with something as dramatic as a lip job, it is preferable for it to be a subtle change. Christina’s minor surgery has been a great success as it only augments her already plentiful beauty.

christina el moussa plastic surgery
Christina El Moussa plastic surgery photo

Botox Injections       

Many celebrities elect to have Botox surgery, a procedure done to maintain a youthful, wrinkle-free complexion. The procedure is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery. People suspect Christina has had work done due to her perfect, wrinkle-free face. She is in her mid-thirties yet shows no sign of aging – not a wrinkle or even a smile line in sight. Prior to the surgery, the younger Christina still appeared to have smile lines on her face. Recently, however, her face appears to be entirely smoothed out. Not many people hit the age of 34 without showing any signs of aging, so of course her fans immediately questioned it. Christina has not commented on the allegations to date, leaving many to assume her silence confirms the accusations.

Breast Augmentation

Even before Christina reached fame through her Flip or Flop series, she was a well-known figure on social media platform Instagram. She has a slender, toned body and looks great in a bikini, sleek blonde hair and a gorgeous face with warm hazel eyes. Beauty is the ultimate ingredient in the recipe for Instagram success.

christina el moussa plastic surgery
Christina El Moussa plastic surgery image

Though Christina has a slim, athletic frame, her breasts are very feminine and give her a pleasing, curvaceous shape. Her proportions are truly a miracle of genetics. However, her Instagram followers have speculated that her voluptuous breasts have only increased in size. Some argued that the growth was natural, only to be expected of someone who is also a mother.

christina el moussa plastic surgery
Christina El Moussa plastic surgery

Others have disagreed, saying that the change occurred in too small a small time frame to be anything but the result of breast augmentation. Her chest certainly has a rounder, more lifted look than one would expect from a woman’s natural assets. Female celebrities who work in the entertainment industry often rely on their sex appeal to further their careers. Christina has always been drop-dead gorgeous with an enviable figure, but with the addition of breast implants, her evolution as a glamourous television presenter is complete. Though if someone as beautiful as Christina elects to undergo plastic surgery, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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