Wendy Williams – has she gone too far?

Wendy Williams is a renowned American television host, also known for her work as an actress, fashion designer, author, and a former radio personality. Her lucrative career began in 1989 and even now, she is still a fiery media personality, with many fans and followers, influencing today’s generation of aspiring celebrities. Her experience and creativity in the media industry are beyond compare, always professional and career-oriented, mixed with a no-nonsense attitude. Her brash personality and sense of humour have earned a large following of besotted fans, eagerly awaiting her next TV appearance.

wendy williams boobs
Wendy Wliliams boobs

Therefore, the Wendy Williams plastic surgery news came as a surprise, with many people wondering why she wanted to make a change to her naturally pretty facial features and attractive body. A quick comparison of before and after photos reveals a substantial difference in her appearance with plenty of evidence that she has gone under the knife. Naturally, she is older now and may have some insecurity that led to the decision to try and keep up with the increasing flock of younger celebrities appearing on the media scene.

wendy williams boobs
Wendy Wliliams boobs photo

Wendy Williams openly admits that she has had some surgery procedures, unable to deny her breast augmentation, as her figure is so dramatically different. The boob job has given her massive full breasts with a cup size that is way out of proportion to the rest of her body, giving her an almost cartoon-like appearance.  Unfortunately, she is no longer the gorgeous and elegant woman she used to be, appealing to everybody with her natural shape and style. In fact, in some photos, it is difficult to tell that she is even the same person!  Whether she took advice or not, she has apparently made the wrong decision to enhance her boobs, the surgery is nothing short of a disaster, leaving her fans shocked and disappointed.

Rumours still abound that not only has Wendy Williams had a breast augmentation, but may also have tried liposuction to reduce the size of her tummy and create a slimmer silhouette. In August 2000 she gave birth to her son, and it is inevitable that she gained excess weight which she wanted to lose quickly, eager to get back in front of the camera. This procedure is not something Wendy has admitted and has tried to disguise this procedure by covering the liposuction marks with a tattoo! Many people think she has tried other surgeries in a vain attempt to turn back the clock, but unfortunately, recent images reveal that they have not worked. Her continuing efforts to acquire a hotter, younger looking body have resulted in one disaster after another. Public opinion about the plastic surgery on her face is divided, some suggesting that the Botox injections have worked well to remove her wrinkles, with others dismayed that she also appears to have had a facelift. There is evidence that she has opted for cheekbone implants which seem unnecessary and there are some noticeable changes to her eyelids.

wendy williams boobs
Wendy Wliliams boobs image

Wendy Williams boobs and other plastic surgeries are an ongoing hot topic and will be a source of gossip for years to come. The latest rumours suggest she has had a nose job, leading to yet another change in her facial features.  Her loyal fans are still wondering why she has chosen to change her looks, disappointed that her fresh-faced, natural beauty is now a thing of the past.

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